Parents want their teenagers to be safe and have a prom night they’ll remember all their lives. Teenagers want a spectacular ride. For once, they can both have what they want.


Parents want it all safe and secured for their teenagers while they go anywhere. And when it comes to
prom its all about a teenager’s impression and so wants to present oneself in style.

With Luxury Rides Limo, prom goers ride with one of our experienced, professional drivers. We offer
exceptionally maintained limo as well other black car services in Chicago and nearby in Rosemont.
Teenagers get the celebrity care—a chauffeur in a limo, soft drinks, music, or an antique Rolls Royce or
any other car you may choose from our fleet, with their date.


Luxury Rides Limo is not just a ride: it’s a five-star chauffeur service. When you step into one of our vehicles we offer:


Our fleet is the best amongst others with the highly professional and reliable chauffeurs and is
presented according to the clients’ choice and needs. This ensures you safe and comfortable rides to the
prom with us.


We look for our clients’ hospitality and need for modern technology. Our cars use real-time tracking
system and thus send status updates via text message to keep our passengers’ parents updated about
their teenagers’ location. This made us a reliable limousine company to all parents of prom goers.


Soft drinks, music and an unforgettable evening is what a teenager needs on the prom night. But
whatever extra touches you need, we’ll do everything we can do to provide them.

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